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Studies & Analysis

Since its inception, AScIS has been there for our clients to provide them with the expertise and analysis to make fully informed decisions. By tapping into the knowledge pool of our engineers, scientist, biologists, chemists and computer modelers, we are able to determine what information is needed, identify any gaps and select the most relevant information from that set and then establish the appropriate methodology(ies), conduct thorough analysis and modeling and validate the results to provide our clients with documentation on each outcome. In cases where there is a preferred outcome, we are able to provide recommendations on the necessary path to success.

At the core of this process are very detailed policies and procedures to ensure that the integrity of the data is upheld through the entire process. All of our staff have been trained in quality assurance and it is instilled in our operations so that quality is maintained at every level of a project.

Our projects in this area span environmental impacts on natural resources to electromagnetic spectrum analysis in field operations.

Brief overview of some of our projects:

Army compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) Documents, Texas Military Forces Training Centers, Camp Mabry

AScIS provides evaluation and then delivers the best approach for developing an ACUB program. More


Installation Environmental Management System/ISO 14001 Compliance and Web-Based Management Tool, Fort Carson

AScIS assists the Fort Carson Environmental Division and its activities by performing gap analysis of existing EMS and development of a web-based EMS Program Tool. More



Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) Support, Ft. Eustis, VA

AScIS provides support to clearly define the EMSO requirements by providing thorough analysis and identifying the critical documentation that is required to initiate the formal development processes for EMSO.

AScIS provides synergy and focus for the material developer to support the live training of the current and future force in an immersive environment. More

U.S. Geological Survey Gap Analysis Program (USGS-GAP)

AScIS assists in helping the USGS promote conservation by providing broad geographic information on biological diversity to resource managers, planners and policy makers who can use the data to make informed decisions. More









ID\IQ Contract - USACE, Norfolk District W91236-09-D-0039

ID\IQ Contract – Savannah Broad Environmental Services USACE, Savannah District W912HN-11-D-0014

ID\IQ Contract - USACE, Savannah District W912HN-10-D-0016 –

SeaPort-e 8(a) Prime Vendor (Contract #N00178-09-D-5669)

SBA 8(a) Certification