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Information Management

At AScIS, we understand that information and the data that makes up the information is a valuable asset, if it is in a useful form. Therefore, we go to great strides to understand our clients information needs to manage their programs. Once we understand their needs, we can develop the information system and tools to make the information useful. The information systems that we have uniquely established for our clients include developing customized off-the-shelf solutions with such software as SharePoint and Geospatial tools (ESRI and open-source).

We also have developed fully customized solutions that are built on SQL or Oracle databases. These solutions have been both web-based and server based enterprise-wide deployments. Stringent quality control processes ensure that the data is accurate and meaningful, avoiding the problem of “garbage in, garbage out”.

For our clients that need information “on the fly” and more importantly, “in the field,” we provide the option of taking the information mobile. The broader acceptance of smartphones and tablet devices in business has driven the demand for organizations to get the information they need at the time a decision is necessary. AScIS's ability to provide the information through a meaningful “dashboard” that can easily be viewed on mobile devices increases the utilization of the information system and helps keep the data current.

Brief overview of some of our projects:

Air Combat Command Geobase Mapping Web Viewer, HQ ACC, Langley, AFB, VA

AScIS utilizes existing architecture to develop and deploy an interactive web mapping viewer solution, which includes server side application management software to support each ACC Installation Geospatial Information Office. More



Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC), Programmatic Documentation

AScIS works through the complex Systems Engineering (SE) processes at the program level to deliver strategic solutions, including current and future system documentation. More










GSA Schedule 70 #GS-35F-0400V

SeaPort-e 8(a) Prime Vendor (Contract #N00178-09-D-5669)

SBA 8(a) Certification