Center Using New Software To Spy On People, Alleges Congress

Center Using New Software To Spy On People, Alleges Congress

Center Using New Software To Spy On People, Alleges Congress

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said the government is making use of illegal software. (Files)

New Delhi:

The Congress on Monday accused the government of using a new software to spy on people opposed to it and damage India’s political and democratic system.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera alleged that the PM Modi’s government first used Cambridge Analytica (CA), then Pegasus, then Israeli Contract Hackers led by “Team Jorge” and now it is vying for a new spyware to “meddle in Indian political system and Democracy” .

“Just like Pegasus, Cambridge Analytica and the recently exposed ‘Team Jorge’ – the Modi government has bought now a new spyware to snoop, spy and surveillance individuals and institutions? These institutions include – Opposition parties, NGOs, media houses, civil-rights activists, judiciary, Election Commission, and every other Institution which protects any semblance of democracy,” he told reporters.

“If Modi ji is spending so much on malware and spywares to snoop and spy on institutions – why can’t he tell the nation that to whom does the Rs 20,000 Crore in Adani’s shell companies belong to,” he asked.

Citing media reports, he said that according to trade data analyzed by a prominent newspaper once again, the BJP government stands “exposed” before the nation for its role and complications in the “illegal and unconstitutional surveillance racket”.

“Didn’t the BJP government spy on its citizens and political leaders in the run-up to 2019 General Elections to Parliament of India through Pegasus, and now aims to repeat the same by using another spyware for the 2024 General Elections?

“Who in the Government of India purchased and deployed the illegal spyware – ‘Pegasus’ from the Israeli company NSO and who in the Government of India has started deliberations for this new spyware,” Mr Khera asked.

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