Sanatan Dharma has to reach every home – Shri Hiteshwar Maharaj. national news in hindi

Sanatan Dharma has to reach every home – Shri Hiteshwar Maharaj. national news in hindi
                    Jaipur.  Mahamandaleshwar Hiteshwar Nath of Vrindavan has told the need to take Sanatan Dharma to every house and said that India has to be made a Hindu nation and for this discrimination and connecting the deprived and Dalits with the mainstream of the society, everyone has to be united and taken along.

Mr. Hiteshwar Nath, who reached Jaipur from Delhi in the second phase of his journey for the promotion of Sanatan Dharma, said this at a program on Friday night at the residence of the famous advocate Tej Prakash Sharma. He said that he is promoting Sanatan Dharma and working to bring the deprived and Dalits into the mainstream of the society and for this he has started a campaign, under which he is on a journey from Delhi to Mumbai in the second phase.

He told that his second phase of the yatra would conclude on May 5 in Mumbai. Describing the purpose of his visit as propagating Sanatan Dharma and making India a Hindu nation, he said that Sanatan Dharma has reached every household. He also called upon everyone to work together for this.

He said that his intention is that India should become a Hindu nation and Hindu nation will not become just like that, for this we all will have to actively participate and be united and bound in one bond. We have to remove this discrimination that is Shudra, Harijan, Jatav, we have to unite and take everyone together. Describing India as the country of Indians, he said that whoever lived in India, remained in dignity and did not raise a single voice against Mother India. He said that Bharat Mata ki Jai should be spoken, what does not belong to Bharat Mata, does not belong to anyone.

He told that in the first phase of the Yatra, in Uttar Pradesh, he made people aware of Sanatan Dharma by going door-to-door for two months by serving food and bhajans at the homes of Shudras, Harijans and Jatavs. He was told that when he reached people’s house in the first leg of his journey, people said that this was the first occasion or a saint who had come to our door and was talking about connecting the downtrodden and downtrodden. He said that he had nothing to do with politics, but he would like to say that the BJP is working in the interest of the country and that is why it has come with a full majority in Uttar Pradesh.

He said that his intention is to form the BJP government in Rajasthan as well. He told that the second phase of his visit started from Delhi on April 28, which will continue till May 5 and will end in Mumbai. This journey will reach Mumbai after Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Vapi from Jaipur. Sadhvi Parul, Sadhvi Shashi, Acharya Tribhuvan etc. are accompanying Shri Hiteshwar Nath in this journey.

Rajasthan High Court Employees Union President Rituraj Sharma, Advocates Lalit Sharma and Kapil Sharma and many other dignitaries were present in the program.

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