Micron confirms up to $825 million investment in India chip facility

OAKLAND, California, June 22 (Reuters) – US memory chip firm Micron Technology, Inc (MU.O) said on Thursday it would invest up to $825 million in a new chip assembly and test facility in Gujarat, India, its first factory in the

Microsoft announced a roadmap for creating the first true quantum supercomputer

Microsoft has announced plans for building its own quantum supercomputer. In a roadmap published Wednesday, the company says that quantum supercomputers have the power to fix food insecurity and reverse climate change by revolutionizing chemistry. There are still several milestones

How to Conduct IoT Penetration Testing

IoT Penetration Testing is the need of time as modern society is completely surrounded and equipped with electronic gadgets, and as time goes on, our reliability on these devices will only grow. For example, we have switched to electronic fingerprint

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says AI will reshape society, acknowledging risks: ‘A little bit scared of this’

The CEO behind the company that created ChatGPT believes in artificial intelligence technology will reshape society as we know it. He believes it comes with real dangers, but can also be “the greatest technology humanity has yet developed” to drastically

The New Technological Innovation In The Private Sector

The world of business has been taken by storm by a new technological innovation known as generative artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is the latest type of chatbot, and entrepreneurs, business leaders, and engineers are rushing to reap its benefits. ChatGPT is

Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable? | MIT News

The ancient Romans were masters of engineering, constructing vast networks of roads, aqueducts, ports, and massive buildings, whose remains have survived for two millennia. Many of these structures were built with concrete: Rome’s famed Pantheon, which has the world’s largest

Top-Rated Python Frameworks for Developing Successful Applications

Python frameworks preserve their reputation in 2022 by remaining the 2nd most-used programming language in the world. Over 11 million global software engineers code in Python. Due to its dynamic semantics, ease of use, robust frameworks, and vast libraries, Python

AppMaisters Inc Recognized by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

The mobile app development market is undeniably thriving. Many SMEs, business owners, and startups are eager to release their mobile apps in order to close the gaps and make the most of digitalization. As a result, organizations are looking for

App Development | Cloud Technology Reimagining Organizational Structure

As the benefits of cloud technology become recognized by businesses at large, standard organizational structures and traditional security roles are going through a serious transformation. Conventional app development, before the materialization of the cloud, involved close collaboration between teams with

The human cost of ChatGPT | TechnologyNews


ChatGPT’s AI-generated text has a lot to offer, but it raises many questions.

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm with AI-generated text that rivals actual literature – but there’s a price. For its parent company, OpenAI,