The six big Twitter outages of 2023

The six big Twitter outages of 2023

Gadgets Now BureauMar 07, 2023, 05:10PM IST


​Ever since Elon Musk fired Twitter employees en masse, there has been a fear that the social media platform will suffer more outages than before. We are three months into 2023 and Twitter has seen quite a few ‘big’ outages — the most recent one as yesterday. Musk, on his part, has always given details about what caused the outage. Here we list the six big outages Twitter has seen in 2023 so far:

March 6 Links images wont open


March 6: Links, images won’t open

Several users complained that error messages popped up every time they clicked on a link in a tweet. Some users also said that the images they had uploaded on Twitter weren’t visible to others. Twitter said that the errors were showing because it “made an internal change that had some unintended consequences.”

March 1 Timelines wont load


March 1: Timelines won’t load

Many users across the US, UK and other parts complained about their timelines not loading. Users were able to tweet but couldn’t access the “For you” or “Following” tabs on their timelines.

February 18 Replies disappeared timeline inaccessible


February 18: Replies disappeared, timeline inaccessible

In another outage, users said that the option to reply to a tweet disappeared for many. Others also complained about not seeing updated timelines as older tweets appeared.

February 15 Troubles in iOS app


February 15: Troubles in iOS apps

This time it was the turn of iOS users to face certain issues, which ranged from tweets not loading to timeline troubles. Twitter did comment on it and said, “Pardon the interruption! iOS users may have experienced some trouble using Twitter earlier. Things should be back to normal now.”

February 8 Technical issues and more


February 8: Technical issues and more

For about an hour or so, Twitter users couldn’t tweet or access DMs. Users also got a message that they had reached the “daily limit of sending tweets.”

February 1 Troubles for Android users


February 1: Troubles for Android users

Many Android users complained that they couldn’t send tweets and tweets on their timelines weren’t loading either.